• Bangkok
    To present the tradition of Bangkok city which has been represented for so long. Nowadays,these traditions are rarely organized so the people in our generation may not have an opportunity to see them. I would like to present the combination of ancient Thai culture and our modern way of life.
    100% is India's first visual art zine which showcases contemporary designers, illustrators and visual artists doing cutting edge original work. Each issue has 100% focus on one topic. Artists are invited based on theme and approach. The purpose of this exercise is to bring together work of artists from different backgrounds, sensibilities and aesthetics in each issue under one common theme. 

    Artist list for 100% ZINE Issue no. 4 : 100%LOCAL. Asian collaboration made possible by Ubies Creative event collaboration with India Culture Lab Contributing Artists for this issue: 
    Rishidev RK - Delhi / Matt Lee - Bengaluru / Hitesh Malaviya - Baroda / Yadnyee Shingre - Pune / Maheswari Janarthanan - Chennai / Ayaz Basrai - Mumbai / Benchalit Sagiamsak - Bangkok / Kuanth - Singapore / 
    Driv - Malaysia / Yeji Yun - Seoul / Hsiao Ron Cheng - Taipei / Mamoru Yamamoto - Yokohama

  • 100% LOCAL