Bang Bang Custom Denim Jeans

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  • The brief for this project was creating a new brand identity, environmental designs, as well as products and packaging for a new, edgy denim company. The company, Bang Bang, exists only inside pop-up stores built from shipping containers. 
    The concept for Bang Bang is inspired by various elements: The “Bang!” you see it, and “Bang!” you don’t aspect of pop-up stores, as well as their intense colors that simply hit you with an, ahem, bang. The flag trademark is inspired by the little flag that pops out of the toy guns we all played with as children. Tough on the outside, yet fun and innocent on the inside. The graphic print seen across the branding, packaging & environment represents the color blocking that is signature of Bang Bang’s Denims. Various sarcastic taglines are used in the Branding Campaign, giving the label a cheeky, edgy character.