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Random Photo pieces from early 2000
Band Photography
Shoots taken when I use to work with band in the early 2000's
I have a lot of old photos taken from my days of being a "local music" photographer. I use to work with a lot of metal/HXC bands, though most today would come under various other labels. It was a fun gig, I was young (but usually older than most of the people I worked with, lol), dumb and having a good time feeling like part of the "scene". All of the bands on here are no longer together, but you can still find their music online.

(1/2) Adorn from Maryland (RIP), (3) Time of Cholera from Virginia, (4) Three Faces of Eve from Virginia, (5) Rev.Nine from Virginia (RIP), (6) Thumbscrew from Texas (RIP), (7) The Hostage Heart from Massachusetts (RIP), (8) Burning Season from Maryland (RIP?)