Banco Agricola

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  • The Mathes Group participated in an invited competition to design thecorporate headquarters for Banco Agricola in San Salvador, El Salvador, basedon our prior work in the country. The design was a concrete office towerrising from a retail base, separated by a private garden deck. The site wouldflow through the structure through the use of plantings and water courses,creating a procession from the street to the conference center. Retail parkingwas provided at grade, with a secure garage for employees below grade and a helipadon the roof for the bank president. The lower floors were clad in recessedglass to create a pleasant experience for customers, while the tower wasdesigned to show a sense of permanence and security, to demonstrate how thebuilding, and the bank, can withstand the shifting trends of politics,economics, weather, and geology, that make El Salvador.

    I created the 3-D models in AutoCAD R14 which were used in creating theperspectives, as well as, the floor plans for the retail base and parkinggarage. I assembled the competition entry boards and rendered the floor planswith markers. I also designed the patio stone pattern.

    San Salvador, El Salvador
    Banco Agricola
    250,000 sf
  • Entry facade.
  • Master Plan axononimetric.
  • Banking and Conference Center Plaza.
  • Elevator Lobby at plaza.
  • 2nd Floor Plan.
  • Third Floor Roof Garden.
  • Tower Floor Plans.
  • Building Sections.
  • First floor plan and plaza.
  • faxed site plan for review.
  • Rest of Faxed Site.