• I've added a Q&A section to my site called Bamse Questions:

    The idea is: Ask me anything and I’ll answer in text as well as an illustration. Depending on the response I’ll try to tackle one question a week. Anything goes, the questions don't need to be about me or my work. 

    If you'd like to join in, please leave a question in the comments below and I'll get on it! :)
  • "Pencil or Wacom?"
  • "What would your work day look like without a computer?"
  • "Did a certain young Dutch, left-winged politician's campagne inspire your studio's name?"
  • "Where do you find inspiration?"
  • "Cat or Dog?"
    Asks Retno Hadiningdiah http://www.behance.net/rhadiningdiah
  • "What's your morning routine like?"
  • "What is your first memory?"
  • "What can't you draw?"
  • "Tennis shoes or high heels?"
    Join in and ask me a question in the comments!