Bamdoodle Identity & Packaging

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  • Bamdoodle
    A company that focusses on creating unique, interactive, and playful furniture. 
    The identity is focussed on the informal and cheeky nature of Bamdoodle including interactive print that is relevant to the focus of the company.
    Business Cards
  • Interactive Print
    A 'make it yourself' coinbox that is similar to the Skube© product itself that communicates the hands-on, D.I.Y ethos of Bamdoodle.
    Promotional Brochure
    Instructions supplied with the product
    Contents of product box
  • Skube © designed by Ryan Smith
  • Bamdoodle chair available at in 2014
    Furniture Designer and avid doodler Ryan Smith
  • Permission should be obtained before reusing images 
    Bamdoodle ©
    Shuttlefingers ©
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