Balzac Caffé - Graphics & Signage

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  • Balzac Caffé - Graphics & Signage

  • As a member of a NY based team, in order to create a successful signage program for Balzac, it was necessary to maintain the continuity of the brand while making each shop a unique Balzac experience. The Balzac signage concept has two defining elements: The Classic and The Artisanal. One element is permanent while the other is seasonal and ever-changing. The classic signage and logo, keeping in line with the branding concept, are to be repeated throughout the shops and lend a sense of permanence. The artisanal elements such as the tagline and washroom signage are unique to each location and are designed to change over time to give each store a unique distinguished flavor. By adapting this approach, each shop remains a unique experience while keeping continuity of the Balzac brand

  • Signature Facade
  •  Stainless Steel Emblem & Stainless Steel Signage

  • Signature Door Handles with Engraved 'Balzac' Initials

  • Washroom Silhouette Icons - Whimsical with a Classical Reference

    Silhouettes to be produced as vinyl cut signage or as cast aluminum plaques and applied to public washroom stall doors.
    Color Options: Gold & Ivory (Desired scheme - For wood or dark brown painted doors)
                            Green Tones or All Black (Alternative Schemes - For painted doors)

  • Washroom Text Signage - Light & Whimsical
    Vinyl cut signage to be applied on doors and walls.
    Color Options: Black, Silver or Gold