• Application Teaser
  • The foundation: Corporate Design
  •  Application UI
    Several screens from the iPhone application
  • Track all your improvement with clean statistics
  • Track your players remotely as a coach
    Clean Statistics and revolutionary push-notification features
  • Website and online ads
    1Minute youtube spots
    Idea, Execution and Creative Direction: Daniel Buczkowski
    Thank you to following friends for helping me to make that happen:
    Coaching: Peter Hohl, Institute of Design Hamburg
    Visuals: Fabian Kleveman, Gerrit Reimers
    Directors of Photography: Leonard Witte, Alexander Gelwer, Sonja van de Mohren
    Application Coding: AppVantage (Steffen Rüther & Andres Stennert)
    The licensed music used in the movies was bought on audiojungle.net.
    Animation Pre-Set by Videohive for presentational function.
    About the project:
    Sport is my life. Living with my mobile is aswell - combining this together after getting inspired from NIKE, several great projects on Behance about UIX and the release of the Team USA Olympic Jerseys this is what my idea of an perfect application for basketball players looks like. Together with AppVantage we created an easy to use App-Prototype which likely will be released.