Bakoma Fruciaki | Product Launch Campaign

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    product launch campaign


    Hand Made

    Programmer: Kuba Przyborowski

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    Fruciaki advertising campaign started on Feb. 13, 2012, titled "Fruciaki lecą na owoce" (Fruciaki rush/fly at fruits).
    The main characters of the campaign are Fruciaki - little, crazy, nice creatures that will do anything to get the fruits. The campaign is targeted to youth, hungry for fruity sensation.

    In the whole year 360-degree marketing campaign the course of action will consist of ATL, BTL, social media, interactive, PR and mobile actions. The TVC's in the main polish TV stations, web page and online campaign has started in the first part of the campaign

    Internet launch was promoted with a browser game 'Fruciaki lecą na owoce' in which you stretch the Fruciak's ears and shot him to collect the fruits. The game will be available on smartphones too.