Baits Board Game

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  • A board game based on the works of Alfred Hitchcock. The game represents the techniques he used in his films such as cameo appearances, use of the "MacGuffin" and suspense. The board turns to keep the players in suspense because one never really knows who is winning; the game can change at any moment. The games point system revolves around the "Macguffin," a technique Hitchcock used to divert viewer's attention from the plot to build suspense. The name of the game is called Baits to reference both to the Motel called "Bates" in one of his most famous movies, Psycho, and also because Hitchcock referred to his use of the MacGuffin as "bait" for his audience.
  • Players can only move forward in the game by collecting MacGuffin Points. A player can gain points by answering trivia and also by begging, borrowing or stealing from other players. The trivia cards were written to appeal to all audiences, not just Hitchcock fans.