• creative concept development
    Bahrain Bay is a development that has continued to progress through a turbulent time. Confidence is low in the industry and the Middle East has had particular bad press with recent unrest, which has given Bahrain a somewhat negative image. The focus should be on the positives of the development and push the message of progress and commitment of Bahrain Bay’s Third Party Developers.

    Unique outdoor creative concepts are required for the Bahrain Bay site billboard which will be installed individually over a 5 month period

    Billboard ‘themes’ include:
    • Third Party Developer(Cooperation Investment House) progress billboard

    • Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix billboard

    • An end of year celebratory billboard, commemorating the countries National Day and start of the New Year.

    Owning the best instruments

    Bahrain Bay is going to define Bahrain for decades to come. No doubt, the project is a real highlight considering the whole construction business. This masterpiece has to be built with the best equipment,the best instruments both literally and figuratively.

    With the help of these tools and instruments the creators of Bahrain Bay are able to build a strong foundation. This applies equally to buildings and relationships. It is crucial to develop mutual trust and respect, to create a solid foundation for long-term business opportunities.

    But how can we connect the tools with the theme of celebration, Formula-1 or Third Party Developer? The solution is simpler than we might think. In one part of the visual we show a tool for constructing a building: a crane, a wrench and a drill, in the other, we show the promising result achieved with the help of these tools and instruments:An ideal building to organize a big party for celebration, a modern and innovative Formula-1 track or an imposing commercial tower. The different themes are connected with the project of Bahrain Bay not only in theory but also in practice. The solution is simple: The window of the crane becomes the window of the building of Bahrain Bay, the arc of the wrench becomes a and the chicane of the Formula-1 track head of the drill becomes the Corporate Investment House. That way we creatively take the advantage of the similarity of the shape and form of the tools and the relating projects.
  • Third Party Develpper (Cooperation Investment House)
  • Formula 1 Grand Prix
  • End of year celebratory
  • Billboard 01
  • Billboard 02

  • Billboard 03

  • The window of the crane and the window of the building form one big window bringing construction and celebration into the same platform
    with the message we have the best instruments to build and to celebrate! When we pull out the card from the envelope it becomes the crane
    rising. The card itself consists of a case and a pull-out layer which stops at a specific point.