• The Brief
  • Bagigia is a cutting-edge italian brand, Bagigia is a bag, a pretty, foxy, lovely, bag.
    A bag you want to lay your fingers on, feel the incredibly smooth leather and peek inside.
    A handbag you need to wear and unzip, with a secret seal you'll spot.
    A shoulder bag you want to have on.
  • The Idea
  • We intended to show the outstanding quality of the manufacture online.We want to let the people experience the bag in the same way they would in the shop across the street, so we were faced with this engaging challenge.

  • The Solution
  • A landing page with a 360 overview. The rotation is controlled by the user interacting with the scroll so you can flip the bag as you wish, lingering on your favourite angle as long as you feel like.Then we show the details trough a more traditional and easing navigation: the designer, the manufacture, the packaging and finally we bring the user to discover the collection.