• "Baghdad Today" 
  • This is the story of two Dutch women Paulien BakkerMarieke van der Veldengoing to Iraq to meet ordinary Baghdadis. How have ten years of foreign influence changed Baghdad? What is life like for those who, after 9/11, came to live on the front line ofthe war on terror? And now the Americans have left, what did the West leavebehind? We follow a bride getting ready in a beauty parlor; a four year old boyon his first day at school; a psychiatrist providing help in Baghdad’s biggest slum – Sadr City. What gave these people the courage to go out again and live, despite the vicious attacks on their city?

  • Welcome to Baghdad 
  •  The missin' statue of Saddam
  • Walls
  • Camera man Firas and journalist Maryam
  • Bombed house
  • Entertainer
  • Mother and child
  • Terrace at juice bar Meshmisha
  • Brides
  • The swords of Saddam & Khduer
  • Celebrating Eid in Zawra Park
  • Two victories
  • Big wheel
  • City view
  • Iraqi soldiers
  • Behind the door
  • Car bomb
  • Sweeties
  • Noor and Eliana
  • Love
  • At Mustafa's gym
  • At Mustafa's gym
  • Shopping street
  • Two houses (right one hit by a bomb)
  • My video was shown at TED X Baghdad in November 2011
  • This stories has been published on Lens Blog from New York Times (US)Daily BeastLife ForceGuernicaIl Post


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