Bacoa Seasonal Specials

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  • Every three month Bacoa offers three new special burgers, using ingredients of the season. TwoPoints.Net developed a concept for a campaign which focuses on the ingredients and avoids the typical Burger photography. A food stylist and a food photographer made sure that the ingredients would look fresh and appetizing.

    Depending on the characteristics of each ingredient we chose to show them raw or cooked. The ingredients are not composed in Photoshop. It would have been easier, faster and cheaper to shoot every ingredient only once and then repeat them in Photoshop, but we were interested in the little irregularities in the details. They make the ingredients look more natural, unique and reinforce the value "handmade" of the brand.

    In each season the photography and the background color of the image changes. The image was used as a poster and postcard at the burger bars and as a banner on their website and facebook page.

    Client: Bacoa
    Year: 2013

    Photography: Becky Lawton