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Collaboration with stylist Nicole Janowicz, designs for tour wardrobe graphics for the Backstreet Boys 2011 NKOTBSB Tour
BACKSTREET BOYS: Tour Clothing Graphicsllaboration with Fashion Stylist Nicole Janowicz
Nicole Janowicz, Fashion Stylist for the Backstreet Boys, needed a raw and dynamic design to print on different shirts for the guys to wear on their new tour. I was approached by Nicole to help custom design these geometric and splatter design so they were unique and original to the Backstreet Boys NKOTBSB 2011 tour wardrobe. Initial designs were based around a "web-like" influences, but as the process moved forward and we recieved more feedback from band members the designs evolved into geometric and organic splatter designs.  Nicole had the graphics screen printed with a metallic ink on dark colored fabrics for a unforgettable bold pop of light and shape. Some of the final designs are seen in action below in various tour photos.

 *Special Thanks to the talented Nicole Janowicz and the Backstreet Boys and all featured photographers in this project.

*Also a shout out to Brad Bitz, and Tierney

(All creative commons rights on each photo are still attached to the photographers and are not featured as credited to Josh Kulchar in any manner.)