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    Cosmetics Line
  • This upscale brand of cosmetics returns to the basic foundations of cosmetology. Through the use of pure typography and the color black, I made these clean and sleek package containers that preserve the sophistication
    of the brand. The goal was to create innovative cosmetics brand that is suitable for people of all ages and skin
    tones, and is also involved with helping the environment. It all began with a project in a graphic design course that addressed an environmental issue, and provided a solution. I chose recycling cosmetic containers that are
    part of women’s everyday use, and have become an essential necessity. But rather than simply disposing of the containers, let us make a difference and give back.

    The core purpose of Back to Black is to give back and help the environment. For every four cosmetic packages
    that are used and in good condition, the customer can return them and receive a free lipstick as a thank you for
    helping with the cause of recycling. It is a win-win. The mission was to offer high quality, innovative, cruelty-free
    products that are available to all skin tones, ages, and races. Back to Black Cosmetics is a fresh innovative beauty collection that includes a wide range of products.

    This type inspired logo is placed in a circle that represents the full product cycle that Back to Black cosmetics aids in. The geometric shape is showcased and reflects the cycle, in a beautiful and abstract manner. Back to Black Cosmetics celebrates the basics of cosmetics and the essence of simple beauty.