• Bachok
    Washstand Faucet
  • Do you know that less than 20% of the water you use to wash hands and face really contacts with your skin? It’s time for the smart use of water! BACHOK by Grohe is a revolutionary water waste control system, embodied in the elegant design object – the glass reservoir and the ceiling shower inspired
    by the perfect shape of a water drop. BACHOK is simple, natural and intuitive.
  • Operation principle is very simple and intuitive. Tank stores water that does inside via curved support pipe. Pushing the "drop" upwards you allow water flows down on your hands. With small valve on the bottom you can adjust temperature of the water that tank accumulates. Water level is controlled with float inside the tank.
  • This board ↑ was used for project assessment. In larger size (2500x1800, 745M) it is available at
  • I made 1:1 scale mock-up to clear understand proportions and usability of the device ↓
  • Photo session of the device ↓
  • There are my calculations in CAD software I have made to check stress resistance of the supporting pipe ↓
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