Babel - Menu design

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  • This is the redesign of Babel's menu, a world food Restaurant with argentinian meat specialties. 
    The approach was to make a very elegant design, pairing each dish with a wine recommendation and a detailed look at the argentinian cuts. 

    The menu was made in collaboration with Taller Leñateros, an indigenous workshop in the highlands of Chiapas, specialized in recicled materials and handicrafts.
  • Folder design by: Taller Leñateros
  • The folders were made by the indigenous workshop Taller Leñateros with all  natural and handmade materials.
  • The covers are made with handmade recicled paper and dry leaves. 
    Cover design by: Taller Leñateros.
  • The wine list is handled separately following the same style as the menu.
    Thanks for watching