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BURGER KING® Characters Hotsite Burger King TriptyqueLAB/Candu
BURGER KING® Characters Hotsite
Burger King TriptyqueLAB/Candu:

TriptyqueLAB, under the direction of Sergio Iastrebner (Candu Interactive), was responsible for the character animations for the "Despiertate con Burger King" hotsite.

Credits (referring to the characters):

Sergio Iastrebner - general direction (Candu Interactive)
Julian M. Díaz - artistic supervision, modeling and texturing (Candu Interactive)
Eduardo Flores El Bayo - concept character (El Bayo)
Juan M. Díaz - technical supervision, rigging, animation and rendering (TriptyqueLAB)
Felipe Almeida - model sculpting and facial rigging (TriptyqueLAB)
Miguel L. Carregal - animation (TriptyqueLAB)