• Яркий (Bright)
    District branding
  • This is the unique project for Russia, where the branding company was participated in the formation of the concept stage, which entailed all subsequent solutions until the architecture. Conception, name and a slogan was developed for a district, which total construction area is more than one million square meters which will reside 25 000 of people. Despite the apparent simplicity, the name meets all the requirements. It's perfectly lays in design concept of a district, fully revealing it. District is divided into 15 zones, which have their own color code, graphics and brand names: Bright Tokyo, Bright Rome, Bright Budapest, Bright London, Bright Mumbai, Bright Madrid, Bright Stambul, Bright New York, Bright Beijing, Bright Sydney, Bright Rio, Bright Paris, Bright Amsterdam, Bright Copenhagen, Bright Saint Petersburgh.

    : All the colors of the world.