BRANDS - Non-Elephant Product Branding

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  • Though NE2’s various encryption software products were the main focus for its marketing campaign, a repeated and color-coded product logo was insufficient, on its own, to distinguish or describe these products. I extended the product brands, therefore, by creating an additional illustrational image for each – for use on all product covers, literature, and so on. Unique photography was commissioned (or stock images were used), and I collaged these together, with a number of other elements, in a digital illustration that described the products’ features and use. I maintained brand consistency with a similarity of style, and by toning the final images to the colors associated with each product.
  • Product Branding: Gene / Pi
    Since Gene can uniquely identify any computer I used the metaphor of a fingerprint and DNA, imposed upon a computer and circuitry. With Pi, which is for internet e-commerce, I used a high-rise city-scape to represent the business world, and a wheel-like shape and globe to evoke the driving force of the modern internet.

    Product Branding: Stride / Platinum / Sims
    Mobile devices had to be a major part of the Stride illustration given that they are the focus of this encryption software. Platinum encrypts digital documents and media however, requiring their presence in its illustration. And Sims, which is for VPNs, allowed me to show two people communicating through their computers.