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  • Designer — Tatyana Anisova
    Naming — Alexander Dashutin
  • Task: to create a wine brand identity from the scratch. 
    Solution: first of all we have to find a catchy name for the brand. It must have been connected with the wine producing industry without being a cliche. The firsthand aquaintance with the wide range of the competitor's products was as informative as a pleasant pastime. Eventually, after the more than a few attempts to bring the name into the world, we had succeded. 
  • Name is a mix of the words "alligator" and "Aligoté" — a variety of white grape and wine of the same name.
  • The outline.
  • The colour scheme is natural and restrained.
  • The Character in colour.
  • The style of the lettering suits the Character.
  • Monochromatic version for the small dimentions.
  • "Message in the bottle".
    When the envelope is empty — the bottle is empty.
  • The letter makes the bottle full. 
  • Business cards.
  • White wine label.
  • White wine label closeup.
  • Red wine label.
  • Red wine label closeup.
  • Corporate pattern resembles a crocodile leather and emphasizes the high quality of the product.
    No animals were killed during the making this pattern :-)
  • The pattern closeup.
  • Alternative version of the pattern.
  • The "Bottle Sun" pattern.
  • The "Bottle Sun" pattern on t-shirt.
  • One more version.
  • The gift card.