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Book design, editorial design, and publications design in general.
Concepted, designed layout, produced

A perfect bound book in tribute to a passed photographer, model, and friend, Jonyrose Filip. The content is divided into three sections: work, life and love. The first section showcases Jonyrose's photography work. The second section is a biography that uses common phrases spoken by Jony as headings for subsections. The third section is filled with her modeling work and comments of tribute from loved ones. Text contributed by Ashley Filip and acquired from Facebook postings. Images acquired from Ashley Filip.
Leave Behind Project
concepted, designed, illustrated

Illustrated squares from a leave behind project that communicate six of the most essential things to know about me.
Origins Editorial Design
concept, design, copywriting

A project that challenged students to combine a found photo, line art, texture, and an original written article introduction into a visually pleasing design.
Awards: ADCH 2009 Merit Award
Impact Statement for Rainforest Partnership
Layout and design

Multipage document for digital and printed presentation illustrating the mission, accomplishments and goals of the organization in a clean and engaging format. Intended for high-stakes presentations to potential partners and donors.
Volunteer work