(Industrial & Interior)
  • Masisa, Mexico’s leading MDF panel producer, invited Savvy Studio to design a pavilion for Casa Bosques bookstore at the 2013 Mexican Design Open that would convey the quality of their materials and the spatial affinity that is established within the locations they are used in.
    When looking up close, one can understand how great things are made up of smaller pieces. Cities are made up of buildings, these in turn are made up of interiors which themselves are made up of individual objects.
    Architecture helps us interprete these sequences as a spatial structure. It also helps us to appreciate individual works and monuments as fundamental elements of a city’s history and a collective memory.
    The proposal expreses an allegory between object, interior and city – an approach towards a qualitative dimension, essential for understanding human dwelling.
    In Collaboration with: Isauro Huizar @ Los Contratistas (loscontratistas.org)
    Photography by Granstudio 3000
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