• Bloodstock
  • “Bloodstock” explores the myths and origins of horse racing in America. The more I researched, the more I felt compelled to tell the story of the darker side of the Sport of Kings.

    This book investigates the sport’s connection with crooked politicians, affluent businessmen, and explores how breeding rights and rivalries have affected Thoroughbred stock. It considers how the rise of Racinos – combined race track and casino – and simulcast races have changed the sport and affected the health of the horses. Much like their human counterparts, these athletes are frequently given illegal drugs to boost their performance. The narrative also provides a glimpse into the community of bettors and race enthusiasts.

    The challenge of this project was to emphasize the visual impact of a printed book by focusing on its filmic qualities. The photographs were taken on location at Santa Anita Park and Betfair Hollywood Park. During the project I even placed my very first bet, on the Belmont Stakes!

    Course: Advanced Graphics Studio
    Instructor: Brad Bartlett
    Location Photography: Laurel Geddes, Andrew Dale
    Printing, Binding: Laurel Geddes