• BLINKING CITY is a project investigating the inadequacy of traditional maps for city environments characterized by fast pace transformation and urban growth. As soon as the map is done, the city it describes has already gone.

    In occasion of Beijing Design Week 2012 (Sep. 29th - Oct. 6th) BLINKING CITY Project becomes a multimedia setting with interactive urban patterns based on collages of historical Hutong neighbourhoods of Beijing. We play with our work, usually street-oriented and mostly focused on the daily interactions of people and their city, designing a unique exhibition environment made of maps and colours.

    The project is composed of diverse parts, each of them using a different media to better express a sense of rapid change. Visitors will be surrounded by maps and urban patterns that will progressively define an aesthetic merging of forms and colours inspired by a nomadic and itinerant urban geography. The exhibition features a background wall composed by 32 new digital printings on lenticular panels, which vary according to the movement of viewers; a long map on paper roll to take away by the metre; video animation with relax area and an URBAN CARPET by Instant Hutong which will change every day.

    A limited edition of special pieces of BLINKING CITY maps, printed on lenticular panels inside a pizza-box packaging especially designed for the event will be available for sale.

    Thanks to game designer Eric Zimmerman and architect Nathalie Pozzi, who wrote the text for the legend giving a meaning to each colour.