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  • BlackBerry PlayBook Ads
    Print Ads for the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0
  • As a final project for our course in Global Marketing Communications Planning, I worked within an integrated team to develop a marketing communications strategy and mix to reposition the BlackBerry PlayBook brand.
    Through our situation analysis, we determined the ideal target market for the BlackBerry PlayBook as business consumers. We further segmented this target market into the following groups: executives, professionals (in general), IT professionals, small business owners/entrepreneurs.
    Based on our understanding of the needs of this target market, we sought to reposition the BlackBerry PlayBook as .
    As part of our wider marketing communications strategy and mix, these were the print ads I developed (including the copy) to communicate our positioning to the various groups within our target market.
    The tagline "Make Work Feel Like Play" plays on the name "PlayBook" to convey the product's core benefit to business consumers.
  • For executives.
  • For professionals (in general).
  • For IT professionals.
  • For small business owners and entrepreneurs.