BFI Future Film Festival 2012

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  • BFI Future Film Festival 2012

    Art Direction, Visual Campaign

    The British Film Institute Future Film Festival is an annual festival for 15-25 year olds, including film making competitions and culminates in a weekend of film screenings, workshops and master classes for one weekend at the BFI South bank in London from 18-19 February 2012.

    In November 2011 my campaign concept was selected by The British Film Institute (BFI) to publicise Their 5th Future Film Festival in 2012. Following a recent student design initiative taken by the BFI, they reached out to handful of students from the London College Of Communication (University of Arts London) to develop a new brand identity & visual for the Festival and pitch to the BFI’s Marketing Team.

    The BFI is a center of film excellence and briefed us on our concept being able to attract a new younger audience in for their Future Festival. The challenge was to be able to breakdown stereotypes of the BFI in the eyes of the youth and concurrently raise awareness for the Future Film and all its activity.

    The concept of my campaign was to “Travel into the Magic” of film. I was inspired by old Sci-Fi films from the 1950’s where characters would suddenly disintegrate and be left as a pile of clothes. That effect of being suddenly transported in a heartbeat struck me something that takes you out of your world and comfort zone and for you to be travel into the magic of film. I believe film is one of the few things that we can really call magic, as a child up it always had an indescribable quality about it that captured me and never got boring and probably never will. I wanted to make a concept that reflected that never-ending magical effect that film has in taking us to a place where nothing else matters apart from the film on the screen in front of us. To do this I gathered young adults in locations across London and photographed them including myself.


    Art Direction/Design: Samuel Mensah
    Photography: Samuel Mensah
    Assistant Photographer: Tolu Amusan
    Models: Alex Mak, Magda Andrzejewska, Samuel Mensah, Shajahan Ali,Kimberly Casaclang & Anisha Swali
    Special Thanks To: Piccia Neri (BFI), Sian Cook (LCC Tutor),Stephanie Redstone, Darren Wood & the entire BFI Design & Marketing Team.

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