"BETZAVTA" - Community Garden Furniture / Final Project

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  • "BETZAVTA" is a social and environmental project which deals with activity experience in a Community gardens.
    The project gives solutions for improvisations that are presented in the area of garden furniture.
    As part of my industrial design final project at Haddasah College in Israel, I developed a new method to create garden furniture in a simple and easy way.
    The garden workers will receive a flat canvas bag that contains a mixture of Concrete powder.
    On the product there are pockets that contain a system of wires that will allow the user to shape the flat canvas into the final desired 3D shape.
    The user spreads out the product on the ground, wets it with a hose, the water penetrates the canvas and wets the Concrete mixture.
    Finally when the watering process is finished,  the user pulls the wires and creates the 3D shape.
    When the final shape is ready and after 24 hours of drying,  the furniture becomes a part of the garden.
    At every level of preparation the product, there is a team work for all the ages and at the end the user gets a set of furniture that includes stools and tables.