• In assocation with film director Eric Beaupré, we decided to create a stop-motion animation to wish you best wishes 2013! The film is a rebus/scrap, did you find the sentence? 
    The film is based on the Marx Ernst quotation “art is a child’s play” and illustrates the five words.
    Directed by Eric Beaupré
    Clay Animation : Alexandra Bruel
    Photography : Romain Brugerolle
    Camera Assistant : Lucie Brissaud
    Assistant Director and Props : Thibaud Nicolas
    Graphic Design : Pierre-Marie Lenoir
    Photo Editing : Pierre-Marie Lenoir; Thibaud Nicolas
    Editing and Motion Graphics : Eric Beaupré
    Sound Design : Alexandre Poirier
    Photo Making-of : Romain Brugerolle, Lucie Brissaud
  • Making-of
  • Thank you to the team !