BE YOURSELF (everyone else is already taken)

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  • Be Yourself
    everyone else is already taken (Oscar Wilde)
  • Looking back at the last three years ofschool, I can now understand what was meant by my first-year teacherswhen they said we should learn to give importance to our workprocesses, as these would become what makes us ourselves.

    As a witness of what has been happeningat ESAD Matosinhos, I would like to let all future students know thatthey should listen to this advice, that they should make it theirmotto, whilst taking the most out of their learning experience. In noother place will they have as much space to develop their skills, inno other place will they be given as much attention, in no otherplace will they have such amazing clients as are their teachers.

    Being so, art school should be seen asa stage, as a potential rocket launcher. Students should choose whothey want to be and explore their own strengths, taking what isuniquely theirs a step forward by not being affraid to show who theyare, or what their true colours look like.

    Wear a mask of yourself. It is you.
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