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  • This is small set of my analog photos from my one-week trip to Barcelona.
    I definitely fall in love with this city!
    I intend to come back here in the future for more...
  • "Singing Man", La Rambla

    It was a remarkable old man who walks with his ​​small dogs. Despite the hot day he was waring a jacket. When he walked the main pedestrian street of the city he was humming unknown to me but a beautiful melody.
    The quintessence of human happiness hidden in the right perception of the world.

  • "Lucky lucky"
  • Old man with newspaper, near statue of Columbus
  • "One moment"
  • The seeker of happiness in one of the streets in Barcelona
  • "No more drink!"
    The story of this photo is quite unusual. During the tour of the city I stopped for a rest for a while and drink some water. It so happened that at the same time to the water well came an old lady with a dog. At first she surprised me because of pouring him a cup of water. The dog drank everything. However, when she poured him some water and gave the dog a second time he did not want to drink, so a little angry she spilled the cup of water directly to the poor dog.
  • Just like a Hercules
    One day, when I was returning to the hotel extremely tired after a long day, I came across this extraordinary dog.
    He was wandering alone in the city wrestling with quite a large plastic water bottle.
    I was absolutely amused by him, strong little dog :)
  • The charm of the Gothic Quarter...
  • Model can only describe one thing - his personal charm!, La Rambla
    The old man in the picture is another extraordinary personage that I met during my long walks around the city. My attention was drawn to the interesting bike. He had a special trailer dedicated (probably) for his dog, who wandered with him.
    When I took a photo of this nice scene this man gave me a warm smile.
    Every time I ask myself why here, in Poland, there is lack of such benevolent people?
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