BC Ferries Coastal Naturalist Program

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  • Coastal Naturalist Program
    BC Ferries in Partnership with Parks Canada

  • I completed this project in June 2008 for BC Ferries in partnership with Parks Canada to promote their summer Coastal Naturalist program.

    Both parties were happy with the previous identity for the Coastal Naturalist program but due to a new BC Ferries Corporate Identity it no longer fit the Brand requirements.

    The time line was very short for completion of all of the elements and I had to find a way to marry the feeling of the previous Coastal Awareness Program to the new Identity requirements of BC Ferries Corporate brand.

    I was able to develop a new Identity for the Coastal Awareness program that satisfied all of the requirements and gave a fun and inviting feel to the guests.

    I developed the concept and completed all the design work.  I wrote the accompanying tag lines. I did a portion of the photography work and retouched and digitally enhanced all of the photography for the project.

    Other elements that I designed that are not shown are: shelf-talkers for the bookstore in the gift shop on board the vessels, HDTV screens for the terminals, web site content, name tags, and schedules.

    I also custom designed portfolio books of photos for the naturalists to use during their presentations.