• BBetween Five is an annual publication collaborating with local & International creative minds to address a given topic. This edition partnered with Vivid Ideas Sydney and focused on Entrepreneurship, the online economy and creativity for social good.

    We were influenced by the Chinese Proverb “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day.
    Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”
    With this theme in mind, BBetween was a part of our creative tackle box.
    The shapes that drive this identity represent our five non-linear approaches to creativity;
    this included The Publication, The Launch, Ipad Application, Symposium
    and Sneaky Minds Workshop.

    Each provides a basis for creative innovation within the BBetween Experience.
    My Role included Conceptual development, Strategic Planning and Design Strategy.

    BBetween 5 features articles and interviews by:
    Sagmeister, Vince Frost, Chris Doyle, Dr. Gjoko Muratovski and more.

  • Project photography by: Felicia Erikkson


    Designer / Design Agency:
    A collective of student’s at Billy Blue College of Design.
    Joshua Davey, Gabrielle Lord, Alex Torcutti, Felicia Eriksson, Gavin Ko, Joanne Ng, Justin Yi, Maria Fontenelle, Niklas Alvarsson, Rachel Dorman, Stella Leung, Timothy Jackson, Tricia MacKay and Vina Angelina.

    Creative Director: Kuen Kam & Louise Ruttley.
    Client: Billy Blue College of Design.
    Design Year: 2012

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