• BBC Glastonbury 2013
    For Glastonbury 2013 the BBC wanted to show off the many ways you were able to access the festival. From watching it online to viewing it with the iplayer app on your iphone and ipad. They wanted to make people aware that it's easier than ever before to watch it and catch up with anything you have missed.

    The BBC had introduced the use of triangles as a concept in the Glastonbury logo, tv advert and of course they have the pyramid stage so we used that as a base to build upon. I was responsible for creating the entire look and feel as awell as all the assets to be animated, using a more minimalistic, stripped back and polygon illustrative style. The characters you see in some of the frames were created by the ever talented Matt Taylor. (The colour palette was changed in the final animation to reflect the BBC's Glastonbury website).

    Check out the finished product on Vimeo here. Created whilst working at Stereo.