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  • This is a personal farewell to Bangkok, and a spoof on Fashion photography, I spent 4 years of my life in Bangkok  A multilayered, multiculutural, quirky city that thought me so much.
    I met Anna Vornoff, a performance artist with a crazy streak. She was leaving too. And she had designed this quirky costume for herself with Louis Vuitton logo printed all over it. I thought it was perfect. Shot mostly on Rama IV Road, which is parallel to the world renowned Sukhumvit Road. Because only those who live in Bangkok, go paralell to Sukhumvit.    
  • In the midst of a protest by The Klong Toi Market stall owners  against it's demolition. Rama IV Road. 
  • Every soi (street) corner has these 'motorbike taxi' stands. The each street is about 2 kms long, bikes are a popular mode of  transport from the mouth to your building. And of course, to weave through the crazy Bangkok traffic. 
  • At a fruit stall inside the Khlong Toi Market, Rama VI Road, Bangkok.
  • A meat stall at the Khlong Toi Market
  • In revered company
  • The taxis, what amazing colors. Here's a pink one.