• Legacy Logo, Hangtag + Sell Sheet
  • My roles on this project were:
  • Best Shorts in MMA needs an Identity
    Bad Boy created the best fight short in the sport, winning the 2011 World MMA Awards "Best Technical Clothing" award. Having worked with Eric Ruffing and Dave Parmley of 13THFLOOR  on the Bad Boy brand mark redesign, apparel graphics and other projects made a natural fit for us to create the best hangtag in sport to go along with it.

    It was important for Bad Boy to focus on the shorts features so we created custom icons to help illustrate the benefits and used the shape of the icons to create a dynamic eye catching shape for the tag. Adding chrome foil upped the tags game to represent the top tier and high end nature of the product.
    Design Direction / Art Direction / Production -  Eric Ruffing + Dave Parmley
    Creative Direction - BAD BOY: Robin Offner, Alexandra Ponce DeLeon, Mike Calmenson
    Brand Consultant - THE BRAND FACTOR: Brad Horn