BA : a passage through cairo

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    A soundscape is a means by which an image or a place is translated into sound, resulting in an auditory experience of a landscape. In its essential form, it aims to paint a picture of a place through sound inorder to direct the listener’s attention to his or her surroundings. It also aims at making one aware of their sonic atmosphere through a sense that one is rarely conscious of. This research aims to do just that in the city of Cairo, Egypt, while attempting to portray Cairo through the lens of ‘movement’. This is achieved primarily through a thorough analysis of the image-based landscape and secondarily through a hybrid merger of artistic and compositional concepts and literary research exploring various means of expression.
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    You can listen to the sounds here:

    'What the ears can hear, the eyes can see?' | Bachelor Thesis by Dina Hany
    Supervised by Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff  + Christian Fischer
    The following photographs are taken from my Bachelor thesis. They represent the final part of the project which is the making of the packaging of the album. 
    The aim was to visualize the sound without retracting from the concept of the work which is to ultimately focus on the sense of listening. I bought this paper from Attaba, a market place in Cairo known for its diversity in texture and material. This texture in particular was chosen as it resembeled the compositional means which were applied to the soundscapes; multiplying, layered, unorganized & moving in several directions.
    The title 'A passage through cairo' is seperated and embossed in white on 2 sides of the album cover.