• B1G1
    Non-profit organisation
  • This is a group work done by; Jolene Siow, Siti Khadija, Jacqueline Chen, Melanie Yong and me.

    In 2007, a team of idealistic individuals came together with an idea for an impossible mission. Armed with nothing but hope in their hearts, they set out to transform the world into an ideal world of giving. ‘There is still hope left in the world’, they thought. ‘If only giving was as easy as buying…’ and then the thought struck them… ‘Why not?’ In an ideal world, everyone gets enough food to eat, parents everywhere can afford to send their kids to school and happiness is a human right. B1G1 gives businesses and individuals the power to make that hope for an ideal world a reality. A world where every transaction one makes is given back to the world, to make a difference. A world where giving becomes an effortless habit, changing our lives and making a difference every second, every day and in every way. It is indeed idealistic, but not at all impossible. And that is why, at B1G1, we are realising hope for an ideal world.
  • The identity kit.