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  • designed, published and distributed by Marco Nicotra

    BOLO is a periodical magazine/art book. 100 pages of graphics, photography, illustrations and typography. Different techniques, combined by the main issue theme. 5000 copies, 45 featured artists per issue, distributed worldwide.
    The zine is called BOLO, an italian word which means “regurgitated food cud”, a disgusting thing that nobody wants to see. This is a good representation of combining 4 different techniques. In this case we obtain a new and effective result.

    96 pages in 2 colors, black and blue. 
    17 x 21.5 cm.
    The main theme is: “Stars are indispensable”.
    45 contributors from all over the world.
    all pictures © Marco Nicotra
    finally I got mine! I'll take some pictures soon

    specially thanks to Marco!