Aztec Level

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  • The final Product of the aztec level.  This reel contains a couple of pans through the level.  Props done collaboratively with the class of 2015, design, lighting, and set dressing done by yours truely.  
  • Props and assets made my me.
  • A final redone concept sketch of the map over the grey-box image.  Even after this though, the color scheme of the plaza and pyramid were adjusted to accomidate the use of props designed by the class.
  • This is the final grey-boxing of the level.  You'll notice that based on the original concept a plaza was added to the south, the bridge to the west was elevated, and water was removed due to the not yet achieved technical experience needed to successfully create it.  
  • My original concept for the aztec level.  In the end several elements were cut or rearranged to support the given time we had, and to keep the project in scope due to our inexperience in the medium.