Aziz Ansari DVD cover

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  • Comedian/Actor Aziz Ansari released an internet exclusive stand-up special titled "Dangerously Delicious." To view it, you paid $5 via paypal and there it was, downloaded to your computer. Ansari also planted a little contest to go with it: create a DVD cover for the stand-up special. In the download was a folder of various photos from the show plus a DVD cover template to reference. This was submission. I have no idea what the conclusion was (if they chose a winner, etc.) It was still fun to do.
  • To submit your design, you had to use the twitter hashtag #AzizDDCover. I did so and an hour later I got notified that Aziz Ansari had "favorited" my tweet. I got really excited (a lot of squealing), but then I found out he favorited any tweet that had that hashtag.