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Axe Virtual Hair action experience
AXE Virtual Hair Action
Copywriting / Art Direction & Design
Axe Virtual Hair Action rich media concept used binauralsound technology (3D sound) to provide guys with an intimate real-time Hair Action experience while at the same time introducing them to the Axe Hair product range.

Rich media banners and YouTube (with the help of annotation technology) allowed guys to experience the full effect of the interactive 3D sound. Guys could choose between one of three girls. Each girl representing a unique hair action scenario, such as Hair Action in the middle of a twister, a sword fight or an incident involving three girls, a tiger and a dart gun.

The use of binaural sound meant that guys could feel every stroke of their hair, hear the seductive whispers in their ear and feel the ninja stars whizzing past their head. Each experience could be shared and or downloaded for further Hair Action exploration.

EPISODE: INTRO & BATTLE ROYALE - Use Headphones to hear the 3D sound
EPISODE: TIGER (use headphones)
EPISODE: Twister (use headphones)