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an encouraging poster campaign responding to the loneliness issue in Vancouver
Encouraging neighbourhood interactions.
*Project featured on: 2013 Behance Portfolio Review in Vancouver | This Is
*bus selter ad: mock up only
The campaign is inspired after learning that loneliness is a key issue in Vancouver through Vancouver Foundation's report. Reaching out can be awkward at times, however it is an important step to begin solving the loneliness issue in Vancouver.
Tenth Church was organizing an annual church prayer meeting and approached me with the idea of doing a series of posters for the surrounding neighbourhood of the church. The prayer meeting was focusing on the theme of loneliness and the organizing team felt that more than just praying, they needed to encourage the community.

We began first with the copywriting on the posters. Initially the committee considered of using bible scripture , however after much thought, we concluded that scriptural verses would not reach a broad audience. Being inspired by the “People for Good campaign” and our youth pastor's "awkward is awesome" slogan, we came up with 5 phrases that would encourage the community to reach out to their neighbourhood.
*Natalie postering around the Broadway & Cambie Skytrain station