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Competition entry for Aviva with the aim to raise awareness of the growing importance for young people to save money for the future.
Aviva Young Persons Ad Campaign
D&AD competition brief tackling the issue of young people and saving money.
This competition brief for D&AD required me to raise awareness and encourage young people (18-25) to think about saving money for the future. 

I identified the main problem as increasing life expectancies of the UK population: because of this people have to start putting money aside for their retirement now as pension schemes just are not providing enough to live comfortably for this increased period.

I needed to create a platform for a hard hitting, informative but friendly campaign with helpful and thought provoking messages.
I wanted to say that Aviva are there for you when times get tough, but you have to play your part: play the long game. 

Expanding on this idea of 'playing the long game' I decided to use the funky, retro style of 8-bit games to catch the attention of the target audience, making up large iconic symbols from small square pixels to reflect the essence of saving.

I also created an infographic to help summarise the current situation and importance of saving.
Additional infographic for use in Aviva brochures, direct marketing material, and in-branch/online advertisement boards. This is used to help explain the current issue in a playful but methodical way.