Aviator Aristedes Moraitines DSO

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  • Aristedes Moraitines DSO
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    It is a portrait of Aristidis Moraitinis DSO (1891-1918), a pioneer aviator/observer of the Hellenic Royal Navy Air Branch during the Balkan Wars (Ensign 1912-1913) and an ace pilot (9 air victories) during WW I (Lt. Commander 1917-1918).

    On January 24, 1913 the first world wide war naval co-operation mission took place above the Dardanelles, which marked the history of naval operations.

    1st lieutenat Michael Moutoussis and Ensign Aristedes Moraitines, on board the Maurice Farman hydroplane, drew up a diagram of the positions of the Turkish fleet, against which they dropped four bombs. This event was widely commented upon in the Press, both Greek and international.

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