AvA 02 R.E.D. Serafim

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  • AvA 02 R.E.D. Serafim
  • Concept:
    The design and development of a jet for private use. A new luxury pastime is to be created. "Sunday aviation": the fulfillment of humankind's great desire to fly at any moment, making it possible to reach unimaginable heights and all the places you had ever wanted to see or see the world from, all without any great time expenditure. Reserved for a small elite class of people who can and want to afford it. Such early adopters will trigger the creation of a new form of transport.

    Rich people have a lot of responsibility and are under great pressure. This  new hobby offers the ultimate and entertaining means of relief (or indeed flight) from all that. The ability to remove oneself as faraway as imaginable and with that instantaneously leave everything else behind. Flying up and away. Simply fly away from everything else with an almost drug-like effect.

    Area of use
    Private Aviation

    Target Group
    Rich 25-40 year old risk-takers, bored by life, naturally curious and driven by their emotions.

    Operating Conditions
    Variation in air conditions (Tropics, Antartic, Desert) Irregular operating times. Operated by a pilot or autopilot.

    Commercial Uses: As a travel or public transport craft.

    Other potential uses
    Transporting wood form impassable forests to collection points for further transport by road (Logging).
    The maintenance of SAC (Swiss Alpine Club) huts: Even the smallest things consumed in the SAC huts must be transported to these remote locations far from any road or civilsation. This also solves the problem of waste disposal.
    Policing and Surveillance flights: Street surveillance, rapid intervention and the prevention of crime through deterrent.
    Broadcasting sports events: The Tour de Suisse and other cycling tours, skiing events, the Inline cup and much more. Such competitions could be broadcast live. A camera would be mounted to the craft and the images transferred directly to the studio via a third party acting as a relay station.
    Avalanche Control: Explosive charges are detonated in the hillside, thus removing the danger of sudden onslaught of an avalanche. In this way, avalanches are triggered in a controlled manner before posing any threat to people.
    Photo and Film Flights: Bird's eye view photos of your own home. Advertising shots for Estate Agents.
    Gliding: Use as a tow-plane.

    Two seats one in front of the other. The front seat has the flight controls. The rear seat has a display and bucket-seat with elbow rests.
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