Autopsia della politica italiana

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  • Autopsia della politica italiana
    Infografica per capire quanto costa l'attuale sistema e perchè
  • Autopsia della politica italiana (Autopsy of Italian politics) is a collection of 38 vivid and rigorous infographics useful to deepen the state of the Italian political-institutional system. Numbers and pictures able to represent in a simple and immediate way the political degeneration in progress. Images, symbols and colors are in fact the basic components the infographic uses to make complex information understandable and highlight relationships that otherwise would remain hidden.

    The atlas becomes an additional tool of analysis for those who now lives with pain a political phase that has no precedent: a time when the private interest has replaced the common good,the appointments of members of parliament have emptied representation, corruption and tax evasion have eclipsed the public ethics, television has alienated active participation.

    Transparency of data and information accessible to a growing number of people can pass frustrating state of indignation to a phase of responsibility and action. The book is published by Nuovi Mondi.