• This brief was to design and create a publication for young people who have been recently diagnosed with Autism.
    The formation of Art is an alternative way to communicate with younger people. Interviewing current students that study art related courses alongside being diagnosed with Autism, gave me the insight to create the publication.
  • This brief was to design and create a second publication for parents who have discovered their children to have Autism.
    The information inside the publication was to illustrate how parents can understand their children being diagnosed with Autism. It also demonstates how their children can decide to study in higher education.
  • Postcard designs to allow students to write their emotions and feelings to communicate with other people that be left or sent out to someone they know.
  • Poster
  • Creating a blog would help young students to look for information about Autism. This gives them a place where they can communicate and discuss what they need. It could also help others who were recently diagnosed to access information about other peoples personal experience.