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This poster is to communicate to the older generations to encourage/convince them to take a holiday to Australia.
Australia Travel Poster
Durians are a big part of Singapore’s food culture. In order to encourage our parents or grandparents to want to go to Australia, I have touched a point where it is close to many Singaporean’s hearts. Known as the King of Fruits, the durian is unique for its thorny appearance. However, my selling point is how durians in Australia are different. Due to the strict food import regulations of Australia, the durians are thornless (if flown by air). This would cause a huge curiousity for durian lovers especially to want to head over there and check out these thornless durians. Shouting out the message in a headline newspaper format is due to the fact that not many people are aware of this ‘phenomenon’ and it comes as a shocking ‘news’ to them.
Newspaper mockup
Mockup at bus stops